Questions Create Ease and Rapid Transformation

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joy of Living

These days I am so excited to create more with my life that I find it challenging to not only fall asleep, but also stay asleep. Granted our bodies do need some rest, however: I find myself often surging with the energy of creation and possibility and sleep doesn’t lure me into long slumberous experiences no matter how deliciously tempting they may seem.

Do you ever find your self in a lull?  Could this be resistance to impending big change occurring in your life? I was only allowing myself small change – and became aware of the addiction to some sort of comfort I had with my mediocre life and the forms and structures that hold it in place. For me my mediocre life was manageable.  Something I could control.

What if stepping out of control could enable you to create a truly amazing life? Now this doesn’t refer to being crazy, ridiculous, screaming and frenetic like so many of us have been conditioned to conclude out of control is.  It is about releasing the hold that you have on everything in your life and how you have created your reality and receiving so much more.

Control is actually a force of anti-consciousness that creates a holding pattern that becomes a limited life and living. We have been shaped by ordinary, status quo reality to search for the answer as a solution to our lives – a means of getting in control of our lives. The catalyst that creates so much more, and enables you to step out of control is the question. Do you know that as soon as you ask a question, the energy of multiple possibilities starts to flow your way?  Magical, almost instant change, starts to show up in your life.  Many people resist change and have misidentified and misapplied the extraneous energies that are part of change.  In fact on Facebook today, some actually posted a picture and suggested that change was painful.  What if you choosing change as painful was just a choice? What if you could choose change as an adventurous, joyful living?

Asking questions creates awareness and new possibilities.  Every time a question is asked, on an energetic level, right down to quantum particles that are the building blocks of all life and energy in the universe, an opening is created, and a myriad of possibilities start to energetically coalesce and create themselves in your reality.  Possibilities are born the moment a question is asked and there becomes an energetic flow of these possibilities to you.  What if all that change is then, is the flow of possibilities to you? How much fun, adventure, joy and ease could your life be?

This morning while making coffee, I became so excited, I jumped for joy, while asking the question, what questions can I ask today that will create my life more amazingly then it already is right away? (There is so much showing up for me daily that is extraordinary and involves the joy of creation! This didn’t stop me – I actually desired more expansion!) How much more could my life be? How willing am I to receive more and more change? And big change as the flow of infinite possibilities!? I wondered how much magical, expansive change I could choose, create and receive today that will bring me tons of money, adventure and ease right away and every day? How can I create all of my projects today, quicker and more efficiently than I ever imagined?

What questions can you ask today that create what you desire right away? How amazing can your life be if you let go of searching for the answer and opened up to asking and being the question?