Being the Energy of Receiving

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I was chatting with my friend the other day.  After asking her how she was, she told me she was splendid and went onto to say how she had spent one hour playing with energy and corresponding with the Universe: asking for more to show up in her life, asking the Universe to contribute the awareness it held as possibility for my friend.  Her life was changing in such a positive way.  I retorted with sass, saying, “I wish I had the time to do that”: with an impending move clear across the province, another online summit launching, a chapter to write for a book, beginning a publishing company,  group calls and private sessions, classes out of the country, there was little room to rest, let alone play with the energy of the Universe.
However, everything we choose to do or not do, is a creation or an exchange of energy with the Universe.  I was creating from impelled points of view: working hard would, not only build inner strength and character, but provide me with everything that I required or desired:  I would achieve something great and feel satisfied and glorified that I had done it on my own.
That day, I carried on as I had and made sure to never let my thoughts wander to all that had to be done, as that would create a total melt down.  I knew that if I just lived in ten seconds increments and attended to what was at hand, everything would be fine.   In fact, I welcomed the challenge. I continued to gather energy from within and force everything out into the world.   What I soon began to discover was that I was absolutely and utterly fatigued.  And that I couldn’t carry on the way I was approaching my life much longer.  The next day, I couldn’t actually get out of bed.  Alas, I had time to commune with the Universe. These are some of the things I became aware of:

  • me mustering up energy from within me and forcing it out into my life was actually requiring a tremendous amount of energy and actually exhausting me
  • I was stubborn and desired to do things on my own – autonomy cuts off receiving
  • I was putting up barriers to receiving
  • putting these barriers down, required me to step into my vulnerability and actually move into the possibility that everything in the universe did desire to care for me and contribute to me
  • my body was part of my being and required me to receive it and care for it.
  • force actually destroyed though on the surface it appeared to create
  • I could be nourished and replenished with energy if I created time and space to receive
  • being with out barriers is the first space to receiving
  • If I chose to be aware, I could choose to be and receive, which was way easier and more joyful, instead of impelling from force and hard work

It was remarkable how quickly things can change: and how much more I could create if I being without barriers that were created from force and just received the energy that everything was contributing to me.

What would it take for you to play with the energy of the Universe? What if you could actually accomplish and create more, by taking the time to be instead of to do?

Would you like to choose something different now?

You can begin by closing your eyes – and relaxing.  Say hello to your body and express gratitude for all it does for you.  Is it sharing awareness with you that you have not been willing to receive yet? What is this? Now expand to be as big, or bigger than the universe. Have you put walls of energy or barriers around you? Push these barriers down.  Are you starting to feel vulnerable? Are you afraid of losing control? Step into that and embrace that.  More space around you will be created almost instantly and certainly easily.  Now start to receive the contribution of everything in the Universe to you, allow yourself to be touched, and nurtured.  Pull this energy to you and through you.  Is there anything you desire or require? What would the energy of that feel like? Embody that energy and carry on pulling the energy of the Universe to you and through you. What are you not willing to receive that if you would receive it would change your reality instantly?

How much easier and delightful can your life be if you choose to be and receive?