What is Body Consciousness?

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body consciousness



What does your body mean to you?
Do you have a relationship with your body?
Do you communicate with your body?
What if your body holds the secrets to a more conscious living?

Even though our bodies carry us through our whole entire life, how many of us actually cherish the contribution that our bodies are?  Recently I discovered that my body has its own consciousness and awareness.  What really opened up my world was discovering that our bodies perceive and receive awareness from everything that is going on not only in or around our immediate lives but also on this planet.

What if the pain and discomfort your body is experiencing is actually your body’s way of  communicating with you? . When there is an intensity in our bodies, our bodies are actually talking to us.  When we conclude that this communication is pain then we lock pain into our bodies.

I wonder how your life can change – if you actually started receiving the communication your body is offering you?

I discovered that there are many unique and potent approaches to body consciousness. Not only does our physical body have awareness, it also has cellular capacities to anchor light that can aid us to evolving to a higher vibration. We can entrain our brain to activate all of its wave lengths – and create so much more with our lives.  I interviewed an energetic dentist – that offered possibilities that totally blew my mind.  Did you know our teeth actually can actually regenerate themselves (growing new teeth) at least 3 times in our lives: Did you know it is possible for our bodies to live hundreds of years?  There are so many healing possibilities that are bodies offer if we become aware and receive them.

What capacities does your body have that you have not yet been willing to be aware of that if you were willing to be aware of them could enable you to create a joyful, amazing life?