New Vibrations of Being

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classical musicI  love to play and listen to music, it fills my soul. I am particularly drawn to classical music, because of the complexities, the depth, and the beauty, though this can come in other forms as well. Sometimes when I’m listening, or, in particular, playing a piece, I am so amazed at the beauty, I am moved to tears. Have you ever had that?

That will sometimes happen while I’m singing, as well, I’ll go into the energy of the beauty and I am moved to tears, which makes it a little hard to sing! Ha!

I recognize that when I identify fully with that beauty, it’s like everything has expanded and I’m vast, I’m one with the surrounding nature, I’m one with everything, that presence.

I’m not judging the playing, I’m not deciphering the structure of the music, I’m not analyzing it, the point and counterpoint, I’m not taking it apart. I’m hearing it with my heart, with my being. I’m in the flow of presence. I am in oneness.

Access Consciousness has an interesting term for this vibration. They consider it the “Acoustic” vibration, or the acoustic being, not acoustic that you hear, but a term used to describe the way or even wave of being, that is tapping into this oneness. This tapping into the greater presence of being, the limitless, expansive, blissfulness.

It is without judgment. For when I enter into a space where I’m picking the music apart, for example, where I’m judging the playing, or I’m comparing how I think it should go with how they are playing it, then I am not in this Acoustic wave, but rather in what Access Consciousness calls the “Electrical” vibration.

Electricity actually flows because of the positive and negative charges, from electrons moving to what they are attracted to.

When we judge, we actually create a negative or positive charge on the energy we have used to create the judgment. There is an electrical charge to the energy, and thus we are back and functioning from judgment, in a much smaller, more contracted space. Not in the flow or the beauty.

When I judge the music, how well it’s played, if it’s played “correctly”or if the artist is doing it “right”or “well,” then I am coming from the Electrical vibration, with judgment. The judgment actually propels me there.

So notice next time you listen to music, are you judging it, or are you just in the flow of the music? Is it expansive for you? Does it resonate with your heart, awaken your inner awareness? And for heaven’s sake, don’t make yourself wrong for any of it! (For then you’ll go fall right out of that wondrous spaciousness!) Just notice. And notice when you are expansive, when you are not. I tell you what, I so much more enjoy being in the flow, being in that expansive, heart-filled oneness space, from the Acoustic vibration of no charge, no judgment, no right or wrong.

I wonder how delightful and ease filled your life could be if you embodied the vibration you truly be?