Awareness Movement Spreading Worldwide

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Did you know that therare actually millions of people throughout the world that are waking up and choosing a different way to exist on earth?  What is it that they are beginning to choose?  Awakening to a new mindset, an expanded worldview, a greater awareness and yes, a higher-level consciousness for humanity.  Greater awareness amongst a new Mainstream is being born and it is defined by a cosmic pulse of awakening — a new consciousness!

All sorts of people from homemakers to politicians, students to executives, artists to accountants are talking about the leap to greater awareness and higher consciousness and how they can get there. They are all becoming aware of the deception of all that has been status quo reality: they see between the lines and they are demanding something different.

Those belonging to what I  have labelled as “the Awareness Movement”,  desire a more profound, authentic connection to life, an acknowledgment of our literal interconnectedness, economic interdependence, and spiritual interrelatedness.  Large facets of more aware people are desiring politicians worthy of being leaders, voters who look at the person not the political party to determine the best leader, media who ask questions of substance that lead to sustainable solutions,  and health practices grounded in advanced energy sciences and nutritiously cultivated food.

Tons of people are aware of more conscious possibilities in: the merging of science and spirituality to how we can think differently to have the world work. Advanced energy healing, ecological inventions, intuition and the power of intent and common place amongst the Awareness Movement.  Subjects such as near-death, after-life experiences and angelic realms are popular considerations along with cutting-edge neuroscience, quantum discoveries of mind-to-mind and mind-to-matter connections, and the scientific evidence for the role of the spiritual heart in maintaining an experience of peace and well-being.

Not only does our collective state of being give rise to the state of the world: the state of the world shapes who and how we be.  

Our state of consciousness, individually as well as collectively, and what we are choosing to be aware of are the fundamental and ultimate driving forces of every aspect of life — giving rise to everything we are creating in our lives and an this planet. We are the ones creating all of it according to our habits of thinking.  And we are becoming aware of other possibilities:   care for self, others and the earth,  collective prosperity and happy, healthy living are key concepts in this new awareness movement.

What are you becoming more aware of that you can contribute to this new way of being that is spreading world wide? Would you like to step out of the limitations of the old ways and the affects they may have had upon you, that have stifled your talents and capacities?  What else could be possible in your life if became aware of all that you be?


Curated from There’s a New Mainstream Out There — and You’re Probably Part of It | Dianne Collins