What is Embodied Awareness and How Can you Develop It?

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Embodied Awareness refers to the experience of awakened wholeness and total awareness in and of the body.
This wholeness includes the consciousness and integration of mind/body/spirit. There is an awareness of Self – the conscious essence you be – and a commitment to potently embodying this presence. Without being mindful and consciously aware in every moment of our lives, we often check out or function on automatic pilot.

Embodied Awareness occurs when you are conscious of the your essence inside your body and are also aware of all that is occurring in your external reality.  Receiving the wisdom and knowing of the body also deepens embodiment. This listening happens internally, and extends beyond simple hearing.  Moving into sensing, feeling and dialoguing the how, what, where and why with your body sparks greater awareness as to what your body requires and what your body is holding that you are unaware of.

Are you fully present….in this now moment? Are you completely alive in this moment and in every moment of your life? Would you let yourself open now, more than you ever thought was possible?

Our body lives in the now – always in the present moment and a particular location.
However our mind is sometimes present in the living moment and often not.  The fact that the body is always present is a great contribution to us.  What we are sensing with our bodies draws us into fully experiencing the present moment.  Conscious living can exist in our Embodied Presence, through being aware in and of the here and now. Through embodying our Infinite Self we become aware of Infinite Consciousness.

Through the act of simple questioning you can discover more awareness.  Some questions you can play with include:
How is your body actually feeling? What is your body sensing? From where is it perceiving what it is sensing?
Is it aware of someone else’s experience or is what it is perceiving your experience?
What does your body require in order to feel better or achieve the desired outcome you would like to experience?
How does your body need to move in order to feel rejuvenated?
If pain, illness or discomfort are showing up in your body, what is your body telling you with these symptoms?

Embodied Awareness also involves becoming aware of what we have hidden in our bodies.  Our bodies hold the story of all of our experiences.  With courageous self-love we can discover our ineffective behavioral patterns, repressed feelings and emotions, as well as fragmented aspects of ourselves and convoluted memories that we have stuffed inside our bodies.  As we embrace what we were previously unconscious of, we awaken to more of our infinite self, heal our wounds and begin to receive the a joy of embodiment.  Not only do we become more aware, we also awaken to a greater consciousness.  When we begin living from an awakened space,  we be, know, perceive and receive more joy and ecstasy from which we can create an extraordinary life.

Many people avoid being in their bodies.  This occurs because people are either highly mental or resistant to becoming aware of the stored emotions, unpleasant past experiences or even the accumulation of stress and tension in the body.

EVERY UNPLEASANT FEELING IS POTENTIAL ENERGY TOWARD A Greater Embodied Awareness IF YOU GIVE IT THE SPACE TO MOVE TOWARD ITS OWN Consciousness .  Any pain, suffering, discomfort, repressed feeling is just your body holding trapped energy.  This trapped energy may be the result of conclusions and other malfunctions of the mind – unconsciousness instead of consciousness. The authentic you is an infinite being, and lies underneath the holding patterns,  mental conclusions and emotional reactions you have chosen to avoid.  Acknowledging and identifying the energy the body is holding is an important step to embodying more awareness.  Unconsciousness becomes consciousness – you receive and embody more of you.  Stuck, or repressed emotion become energy in motion and contributes to a transformational process.

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Diving deeply within ourselves to excavate our holding patterns offers us a greater understanding of the emotional dynamics of what other humans experience.  We gather more wisdom and compassion for others when know what the searing intensity of releasing emotional pain or memories of physical trauma feel like. As we look at what we haven’t been willing to see we connect with and discover our authentic, unadulterated selves. Our deeper knowing becomes wisdom and begins to facilitate a more ecstatic, joyful way of being.





Most people find it challenging to look deep within and become aware of what they haven’t been willing to be aware of.

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What is your awareness?