Six Possible Mindsets to Create More Body Love

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Did you know that,  approximately 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies and resort to dieting to achieve their ideal body shape. Unfortunately, only 5% of women naturally possess the body type often portrayed by Americans in the media? ( If women are unhappy with their bodies, how can they become aware of their beauty, talents and capacities and be a contribution to a more loving world?

body-hateI have always thought that women of any shape, size or color are gorgeous simply because of an inherent beauty that is part of being a woman.  Sadly, most women still make main stream society’s definitions of beauty the benchmark for an acceptable, attractive body.

Here are six possible mindsets you can use to create more body love.  Don’t be surprised if these also improve your health and well-being.  

1)  A body has a particular shape for a variety of reasons. Some body types are naturally voluptuous; while others have high metabolisms and stay thin regardless of how much food they eat. Others may have allergies to food combinations, genetic predispositions or certain physiological systems that may not be functioning as they could.

2)  No body shape is more desirable than others.  And, believe it or not, many men actually prefer women that have curves and aren’t bone thin.

3)  Every judgement we have of our bodies is felt by our bodies and often shows up in or as our bodies. Your thoughts have energy. If you keep telling your body you are over weight and unhappy with the way you look this is what you will see and feel.  Not only do your judgements and conclusions limit and even damage your body; they also silence the communion and awareness your body offers you.

4)  If you wish to create a different shape with your body, then it is important to begin a loving relationship with your body.  Your body hears everything you think and say to it and about it.  Begin a different dialogue with your body – a dialogue that is loving.  Your body is a friend that loves you unconditionally.  Would you be willing to let go of all your body judgements and be grateful for your body regardless of its shape or size? Instead of judging your body begin asking, body what would it take for it to slim down so many pounds? What does your body require in order to feel more joy and offer you the delight of being alive and in a body? What do you require in order to feel nurtured and resilient?

1999-LYB-300-x-2005)Your body loves to be cared for.  Popular North American consciousness is a do do do reality.  People always have to be doing something to prove they are acceptable.  Obsessive doing can lead to stress.  It is all this doing that distracts us from embracing awareness and the joy of embodiment.  Caring for your body involves opening to the awareness your body continuously offers you and following its knowing and desires.  What if what has been previously been labelled as pain or disease is actually your body’s way of communicating to you? Your body has awareness.  It can perceive and receive information about what is occurring externally beyond its physical structure.  If you are experiencing something uncomfortable with your body,  it could be your body  aware of somebody’s experience.  Always ask your body: who or what is having this experience? Is it you or is it some one else?  Your body has a language and it will communicate with you.  This body language can make its presence known simply through a quite voice that shows up inside your head.  For others it can show up as a knowing that may not even require words to communicate. For some it is a sense or feeling.

6)Lastly, as an embodied being you exist upon the Earth. Energetically and spiritually there is a synergy or communion between bodies and the earth.  Just as earthing, or touching your body’s skin directly to the earth can release stress and heal your body’s ailments; you consciously contributing your energy to the earth can benefit the earth .  The energy of our bodies can extend far beyond the physical realm of our physiology.  If you surrendered to gravity and allowed yourself to be supported by the earth your body could let go of holding patterns such a stress, anxiety and tension: and the earth could be continuously receiving the healing energy of your body.







What is your awareness?