Receiving the Gift that is the Light of You

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This Winter Solstice I decided to create space in my busy life to receive and be in communion with all the energies present when day light begins to increase on the Earth. During these still moments, including moving into and out of what was technically the darkest time of the year, I came into the awareness and communion of the Light that is me.

In this day and age, many people question the actual meaning or significance of this time of the year.  I recently saw a Facebook post suggesting that Christmas was actually the date that Jesus was conceived and not born.  As a being on this planet the more aware I become, the more in communion with the Earth, I naturally be.  I feel the passage of the Earth’s energies through my body and receive these as a contribution to me.  The Pagan Folk, who worshiped the Earth as Mother, honour this time of the year as the movement out of Darkness, which in and of itself is a contribution to one becoming more conscious, and into the Light that one actually is.  With this in mind, I wonder if we could perhaps choose to see the celebration of Christ at this time of the year as the metaphor for the birth of fully actualized Light that we be?

Christmas can be a challenging time for many people. This season, what if you choose to receive that light that is you? Moving beyond a polarity based reality model on the planet, what if what is deemed in modern psychology as “the shadow” or our darkness, is actually the cast off, un-received or unseen aspects of light, that is actually you?  What have you created or invented as darkness, that is actually the Light that is YOU?

One of the most warming parts of the Christmas Holidays, for me is the beauty of all the Light: whether it be the coloured lights that are part of the decorations, to the candle light that often appears at the dinner table, to memories of the possibility of a divine being – (the Christ Child) born at this time long ago, to the knowing that there will be an increase of day light from the December 21 forward.  As I took the time to contemplate the light that is born out of the darkness this winter solstice,  I received a deeper connection to the light that is me.  I choose this Christmas season that everywhere I see the beauty of light all around me, that I will commune with it – to receive it and connect to it, contributing the shine of my light in cadence with it as well. Choosing to be inspired by the miraculous legacy of light that Christ shed on this planet, I choose to become the Legend of Light I truly be. From this space, I wonder how magical this season can be?

I would like to invite you to choosing the beauty of your light! What if you becoming the Light you be was the gift that everyone one around you required to be the gift that they be? What if you shining the light you be could change the world?

What if you could be in the energy of gifting and receiving continuously?  What if this could be the most magical Christmas ever?

If you find it challenging to step into the magnificent light you be: my Holiday session and packages will be available for one more week.  Could receiving the light of you be a gift you desire?

Shine your light, beautiful amazing being!