Healing Energetic Shifts involve an intuitive assessment of energetic weaknesses and discrepancies, the elimination of these weaknesses down to the cellular level and recalibration to your infinite potential.

Awareness and intuition enable us to read energy:  We can easily discover and eliminate the energies behind your challenges as well as the effects of these energies right down to the quantum level.  Once these weaknesses are corrected and optimized:  better health and functions are restored, you are opened to creating and actualizing what you desire in your body, life or business; you feel confident in moving forward in your life.

Physical, mental,  emotional and psychological  dysfunctions can be cleared as soon as they are found. Not only does pain disappear almost instantly, but the phobias, tensions,  expectations, and other causes of weakness and discomfort also get corrected, preventing the illness, pain or dysfunction from returning.

Everything in life is energy: energy exists all around us. Each cell, down to its atoms and nuclei, is connected with the source of energy that is entering you from every level of existence.  Even thoughts have energy because in the thinking of a thought an energy field is created.  If on some level you think you are going to age and with that ageing, disease and pain will result, then this will happen.  When your vibration is negatively affected, ailments, and dysfunctions appear.  This disconnection of energy causes disruptions and disturbances, which in turn affect every level of your being often leading to pain or disease, unhappiness or lack of success.

Healing Energetic Shifts find the causes of disturbances at the root level before deleting all the effects of these causes.  Your energy is cleared right down to the smallest level of energy and you are open to new vibration.

A Human Being is Like a Computer

Within us, we have a multitude of pathways or circuits that are responsible for all aspects of our Beingness.  Some of these are turned “on” or strong and some of these are turned “off” or weak.  Proper programming of your health/goals and desires can be accomplished by tracking down each weakness – things that have been turned “off” and turning them back  “on”.  Pain or discomfort show that the flow of your correct energy circuits is disrupted.  Once you are reset and then reprogrammed every fiber of your nervous system, mind and soul will change.  Your healing processes is quickly and effectively supported by energetically changing your physiology, functional anatomy and your mind.

With these same premises new capabilities and talents in you can be programmed into your personal computer: whatever you deem desirable can be energetically strengthened and whatever you deem undesirable can be deleted  out of your life.  All issues that prevent you from attaining your personal success agenda can be cleared and the energetic grooves, habits and mental programs deleted.  Your conditioned limitations are eliminated and you are opened up to Infinite Potential.

The energetic shifts are made with energized intent into your nervous system: spinal cord, brain, conscious and subconscious mind, from your soul down to the cellular level.

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