My name is Ariadne Sassafrass.

I am an energy transformation expert who has facilitated people worldwide to create different possibilities in living and creating their life and healing and loving their bodies.  I have coached and trained  hundreds of people to step into greater awareness of their deeper selves and embrace their intuitive knowing, psychic gifts and natural talents and capacities.

I am here to empower you to step into embodying your awareness so that you can become the greatness of you and create whatever it is you desire.









I didn’t buy into the stereo typical expectations within society that outlined how people should create their lives.
I always chose what I desired based on a longing for deeper discovery, creative expression and adventurous living.

I began teaching people in my mid teens, offering piano and swimming lessons to adults and children, and tutored international students and others with developmental challenges.  Upon graduation from University with a Double Major in English Literature and Women’s Studies I traveled extensively and tree planted throughout British Columbia.  I worked in Film Industry in Textiles and Props and designed my own line of hand dyed hemp and wool clothing and accessories, which I sold at music festivals and craft shows in Western Canada.

Even though I studied healing professionally through this time, I had to embrace and allow for my own healing to occur, before I felt capable of facilitating and training others to do the same.

After a decade of professional training and experience working in many leading edge, energetic healing and intuitive awareness focused approaches, I am regarded as a Master Intuitive, Awareness Coach; facilitator, healer, best selling author and teacher.

I desire to inspire and support you to discover your beauty, your talents and your capacities so that you can embody the greatness of you.  From this space of greater awareness you can create an extraordinary life,  a healthy body you love and a soul infused way of being on this planet.


How can I contribute to you?