Group coaching is both a virtual and in-person experience.

In my group coaching sessions, you can receive my expertise and benefit from the collective wisdom of a group.  Being vulnerable and open with others creates a synergy that is often as important as interacting with me.  Many of my clients have found the process”less on the spot” –  providing them with more time for reflection and integration.

In a my group coaching experiences you receive my support over an extended period and an ongoing accountability structure.

What changes could you create in your life, body or business in a dynamic, group coaching environment?

I have enrolled in two consecutive year-long group coaching programs with Ariadne and I tell you, they have been my life savers.  I am grateful for being able to experience great facilitation, continuous energetic support while sharing my experiences with others. It’s really changed my life.

J.Berkana, New West Minster, BC

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