Current One to one Session options

Life Coaching

20 minute Laser Session – 80.00

45 minute Open up, Clear it and Move On Sessions – 185.00

75 minute -Delve Deep, Become Aware and Step into More of You Session – 260.00

90 minute – Full-On Intensive Session – 300.00

Business Coaching

30 minute Dynamic Intuitive Stream Idea Consultation and Download – 150.00

60 minute Intuitive Assessment with Platform Implementation Session – 300.00

30 minute Energetic Shifting and Optimization Session:
these identify and clear primary weaknesses in you and your business – 100.00

60 minute Energetic Shifting and Optimization Session – 200.00

Body Wellness

30 Minute Body Wellness Session with Energetic Shifting and Optimization – 125.00

60 minute Body Wellness Energetic Shifting with Intuitive Body Scan, Energetic Shifting and Optimization – 300.00

All Sessions are recorded and available for you free of charge for future reference.

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