Beginning March 15,  the Full Body Awareness Group Coaching Program will create a new experience with and for your body.  We will journey into each physiological* system to discover holding patterns, unconsciousness,  repressed emotions and other trapped energies that prevent us from full embodiment. Once these are discovered, we will begin to shift, clear and recalibrate and optimize each system with energetic techniques, your greater awareness, and belief system re-patterning.

If we embody our awareness, we discover that what occurs in our physical body is a reflection of what is occurring on our levels of our being: these being, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic and spiritual.  Learn to become intimate with and receive the awareness of your entire body, system by system, while receiving transformative energy clearing that removes dysfunction and weakness.   Embody more of your true self and your body’s awareness.

In the Full Body Awareness Group Coaching Program you will receive:

  • 12 75 min live calls
  • energetic clearing and optimization
  • belief system re-patterning
  • verbal facilitation that opens up your awareness of your body and your intuitive capacities
  • vibrational downloads from the Infinite Field for each physiological system.
  • private 20 min laser coaching with energetic clearing every other week (12 calls)
  • bi-weekly assignments
  • meditations and awareness dialogue exercises
  • recordings of all calls for you to keep to listen to at your leisure for maintenance and deeper clearing

*The physiological systems we will be exploring are: Skeletal and Muscular, Endocrine, Digestive, Respiratory, Heart and Circulatory, Lymph, Excretory and Sexual, Nervous System, Skin, Eyes, Brain and Ears.

Dates and Specific Topic Schedule for the Calls

March 15  The Protector and the Detoxifier of Your Body Being – The Lymphatic System

March 28   The Perceiver and Messenger of Embodiment – The Nervous System

April 4   Embodying Your Brilliance – The Brain

April 18  Embodying Infinite Love – The Digestive System and Excretory System

May 2    Awakening to Fully Receiving The Breath of Life – The Heart and Circulatory System

May 16  Harmonious Stabilizers Creating the Feelings of Embodiment – The Respiratory System

May 30  Open to Receiving the Support of you Body – The Endocrine System

June 13 The Brave and Courageous Strength of Embodiment – The Sexual/Reproductive

June 27  Receiving Nourishing Self Love and Safety – The Skeletal System

July 11   Embodying Intimacy and the Orgasmic Energy of Being – The Muscles

July 25  The Communicator of Intuitive Information – The Skin

August 1 Visioning and Hearing Awakened Embodiment – The Eyes and Ears


Cost for program is 1200.00$ in Full


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