I recently had a Theta healing session with Ariadne. Amazing is the word that comes to mind to describe it.The amount and variety and depth of information that Ariadne was able to access and then clear was incredible.
L. Konkin, Taghum, BC


Ariadne is a natural coach and healer. She empowered me to move through a challenging time in my life very quickly. Her awareness and ability to read what is going on in your body and your life
enables a shift to occur instantly.
J.Velcoff, Medicine Hat, AB


I first met Ariadne when I signed up to learn Reiki. She create an inclusive environment for all the participants, regardless of our knowledge and experience level. I have also had the fortune to receive other types of energy work with Ariadne – after each session I left with a renewed sense of clarity and purpose. As a Naturopathic Doctor, I can say the energetic approaches Ariadne uses are instant and effective. I twisted my ankle one and after 20 mins of Ariadne running energies on it, I found it to be remarkably better. Ariadne always helps to connect me to my truth. I find clarity in business and personal life during
and after my appointments with her whether they are in person or over the phone.
She’s definitely someone I value on my team.

Dr. Theresa Camozzi, Vancouver, BC


I have had private sessions with Ariadne and taken many of her trainings.  My most pivotal
takeaway skill learned was to Trust, Own & Move into my own Power! As no one can take that
away from me. Ariadne is Empowering.
L.Kusy, Revelstoke, BC


I love the tele-calls and energetic clearing and activation that Ariadne does.
It relaxes me and makes feel happier.  I listen to the recordings regularly and they always
shift me and create greater ease in my body.
L. K.  Prince George, BC


I don’t really understand what Ariadne does with The Art of Embodied Awareness.
All I know is that it works and it has helped me so much! Sometimes just talking to her
shifts my stress and anxiety!
DLTadoruk, Armstrong, BC

Even though I didn’t really understand the type of work that Ariadne does, I booked in
for a session with her because I was feeling depressed.  Because of continuous recreational drug use
and chronic alcohol use, my brain chemistry was out of wack.  I was completely blown away!
Within one session, I felt completely different – happier, and healthier.  And I gained a new perspective
on taking care of myself and moving into a different way of being.  Ariadne is a special person.
She doesn’t judge you: she supports you, inspires you and empowers you!
One session can change your life!
S.A. Vancouver, BC

I first met Ariadne in a Yuen Method TM class I was taking that she was an Assistant at.  She instantly
wowed me with her intuitive awareness of things that were going on in my life at the time and was spot
on in regards to the perceptions she shared with me.  I instantly booked in for a set of sessions with her
that were so helpful for me.  She also worked closely with my son, who is schizophrenic, at regular
intervals through the years.  He has gone from residing in a forensics care facility to living happily
and capably under minimal supervision. Soon he will be living on his own.  I  have seen her grow and
evolve as a healer and coach: and have taken numerous classes from her.  I highly recommend
Ariadne Sassafrass.  She has the capacity to be gentle, and potent, moving with tremendous depth
into what you are holding: facilitating you to receive more of you.
As a coach, she is positive, effective, funny: a total joy to work with.
C. Grant, Kamloops

Ariadne has the capacity to unlock deep rooted issues.   I have not experienced the shifts into receiving
more of me, that Ariadne facilitated for me.  She effortlessly managed to penetrate the unconsciousness
I was holding, the areas were I shut myself down, and allow me to see me as a gifted being.
I can recommend Ariadne for private one on one sessions, or any classes she facilitates!
S.W. Nelson, BC

I took classes with Ariadne in Finland and was so impressed by the way she facilitated me to understand
new concepts.  She is clear and funny.  She knows so much and is aware of what you know too.
I loved the ways Ariadne led me to realize my talents and capabilities.  Really easy to learn with!
I highly recommend a class with Ariadne. My life has changed so much since meeting her
I can’t get over how easy things are and how happy I am.
Tarja Lahvila,  Tampere, Finland.

Last Sunday I was very fortunate to be able to join a bars workshop facilitated by Ariadne. What an
excellent choice! Ariadne did a great job. She was well prepared, competent and very enthusiastic.
The class was well structured and fun. Ariadne held the energy and the space at any time for participants
to shift and release lots of stuff. With well chosen questions she was able to assist people when things came
up to shift the energy and keep it in the flow. I enjoyed it and learned a lot! I definitely recommend to
anybody to take a bars workshop with Ariadne, great investment in your future! I’m very grateful.
Thanks Ariadne, great job like old pro…
Felix Mueller, Kelowna, BC

I took many classes and had one on one work with Ariadne in Revelstoke and it was truly mind blowing.
Never before have I felt such clarity in my mind nor confidence in my self. It was like all the heavy
energies holding my body down and confusion running around in my mind totally disappeared.
Ariadne is an awesome teacher: not only does she make sure that you really understand
she also gives you so much more. She really wants you to grow and realize how amazing you are.
She asks questions that bring up your judgements and limiting view points and blows them out
of your being. You start to feel so at peace and good about yourself.
You will not be disappointed.
Thank you so much for all the corrections and shifting you have done for me, it has changed
my life in such great ways. You are an amazing and gifted healer
JL, Revelstoke, BC

I took my first bars class with Ariadne on April 1st and it was truly amazing. The whole
process of giving and receiving the bars was a wonderful experience. Ariadne is such a
beautiful being and has such a gift for doing this work. Her ability to process us through the class
allowed me to experience the full affect of clearing things that I didn’t even realize I was still holding
on to. I feel much more grounded with a deeper awareness and much more clarity.
Thank you Ariadne for you love and support.
Vera Stark /Heart Resonance Therapy Practitioner/Bars Practitioner

For those of us who are interested in housecleaning our lives, the Munay Ki Rites, are a stand alone
in the class of cleaning up your inner world.  Ariadne is a thoughtful, skilled initiator and proved to be
constantly inspiring and encouraging. With her many top of the line energetic modalities, she assisted me
with every spot where I was jamming up.  We shook of the dross and moved forward.
The Munay Ki Rites are in their fifth week of activation since I attended the workshop.  To this date,
the workshop holds a stellar spot as the deepest and most skilled collector of what stands in the way
of growth and self love.  I do BodyTalk and Yuen method and my personal sessions are profound
in content since I did the Munay Ki Rites. The upside of these initiations is to see our beauty
and perfection.  Locally the participants have become good friends and we get together weekly
to bring on the light of ourselves and each other.
Therese Laforge, Kamloops, BC

My name is Gail Morris. I have had the pleasure of doing three quantum healings and being initiated into Reiki Level 1 and 2 with Ariadne Sassafrass.  These several months have been an exciting journey to find my truth with Ariadne:  it has truly been a live altering experience I will never forget.  I was lost and not knowing which direction to go, my daughters growing up and out of the house, not satisfied with
my job or my life.  Now I look forward to every day to see and experience what my new perspectives
will bring. I am grateful for the experience and I recommend it to everyone.  Ariadne is a truly gifted instructor/guide and I wish that everyone that chooses a path to truth will have the same experience I have had.
Gail Morris.  Slocan Gardening Concepts, Slocan, BC

Thank-you so much for the telepathic work you did for me by phone. You went right into energy fields
and was able to tell me what was wrong with me and the proper treatment that I would need. I have
more energy now than I have had for a long time and it has only been a week.
What a great healer you are. God has blessed you.
Dorthy McCuaig, Yorkton, Saskatchewan

The Art of Embodied Awareness is such a great name for what you do. I’ve loved how I felt after coming

to see you in the past and look forward to the next time I come in to see you! You’ve got the healing light
for sure, and I can’t wait to come have some things shifted . . . or re-shifted :o) 
Talia Camozzi, Revelstoke, BC

My name is Meika Miola. I went to see Ariadne Sassafrass to do some clearing/healing work.
This was the first time I had worked with Ariadne. I wanted some help to clear negative energy.
Ariadne helped me find clarity and inner tranquility. Going through the session I felt calm and safe.
Ariadne is incredibly intuitive and works hard to make sure you are reaching your full potential.
I still speak with her at times and every time we chat she provides me with more insight as to how
I can harness all my power to be the best me possible. She is truly invested in you as an individual.
I recommend a visit, if even just to try something new out.
It is amazing what you will learn and how you will feel!
Meika Miola. Fort Nelson, BC