So You Need a Little Bit more Body Love!
I am so excited to bring it to you!

February 16, 7:00pm Pacific Standard Time

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Love your Body Telecall
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During this 90 minutes Love your Body Tele Call:

  • We will clear the judgements and conclusions you have that are not only limiting your body, but also killing the joyful communion and awareness your body is continuously whispering to you.
  • We will remove the energetic weaknesses and negative thinking patterns that you have towards your body.
  • We will include your body into the equation of SELF-LOVE
  • Eliminate pain, stress and discomfort in your body – this is your body sayin’ something to you!
  • Open you to listening to your body’s language and the ease and wellness that are just waiting to be offered to you!

Yeah I get the popular consciousness has such ridiculous expectations for bodies!

Barbie Body

Your body is aware of other possibilities for you!

We are gonna move beyond such ludicrousness and EMBODY the shapes, movements, sensations and BODY LOVE our bodies are pulsating in us.

What would your life be like if you learned to receive love from your body?

Wouldn’t you like to  feel way better in your body and about your body?

Join me for this telecall and you will be well on your way!

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Love Your Body Tele Call


Love your Body Telecall
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