With intuition and awareness we are able to perceive the energy of your business and provide insights that can illuminate the core issues of your business, discover what possibilities are ready to be actualized in your sector, as well as:

  • Clarity about your vision, plans and next steps.
  • Creative marketing ideas for your department, product,
    service or company.
  • Insight about partnerships, peers, employees or potential hires.
  • Ideas to create more abundance and prosperity.

Intuition enables us to become aware of what is not part of the logical and pragmatic day to day business operations and advise you from an place of clarity and knowing.

I can also assist you and your company achieve success by enabling you to…

  • Make confident decisions
  • Achieve your goals quickly
  • Gain insight into what motivates and distresses people
  • Act with better timing.
  • Better understand market trends
  • Discover your competitive edge


Cost for 60 Intuitive Business Consultation with recording $200.00

Cost of 60 Intuitive Business Consultation with Energetic Clearing and recording $300.00


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