Would you like to see beyond reason and logic into what is truth? What if you could know something instantly?  What if becoming more aware would enable you to perceive a larger field of experience and possibility? What if you could feel and know deeper into the wisdom of your awakened body?  What could you create in your life if you embodied self awareness and a clear perception of your self, including strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs and emotions?

Choosing to embody intuition and awareness enable you to discover more of who you truly are including your capacities, talents and gifts; while also providing clarity and understanding of what was, is or can be.

The Art of Embodied Awareness facilitates people like you, to discover your intuition and your awareness so that you are empowered to create what you desire and embody your unlimited self.  Becoming aware of what you are have not been willing to be aware of, your blockages and limitations is the first step to greater empowerment.  We offer a supportive environment for you to step beyond your challenges, discover your amazing potential and create your life in whole new way that actually works for you: totally aware, empowered and vibrantly alive.