Are you tired of feeling sub par and not having enough energy to create a dynamic life?  Are you looking for more natural, holistic ways to heal a medical diagnosis, ailment or disease? Do you judge and loath your body? What if your body could be your best friend? What if your body has awareness of everything in its external environment?  What if you choosing to receive and follow your body’s awareness and intuition could create the vibrant health you desire?

Everything in existence actually has energy and emits energy that can affect us. Bodies perceive and receive energy: but without conscious awareness, you the being, can solidify these energies, as symptoms of dis-eases, pain and other physical and mental challenges. You assume because you are experiencing symptoms or discomfort that they are actually yours. This awareness your body has of someone else’s experience becomes your disease or pain.  Other times your body is aware of energies that actually weaken it. This energetic weakness can then lay the foundation for malfunction in the body. However, these energetic weaknesses can be intuitively identified and cleared.

During our Intuitive Health Consultations we empower our clients to communicate with their body and receive it’s awareness to create change and well-being. We can also discover and assess what is occurring in your body, re-pattern belief systems that could be contributing to such challenges and transform the energy of what is holding any judgement, disease, self loathing, emotional repression and negative body imaging.

Becoming aware of all the energies that are affecting you, choosing to receive your “symptoms” as your body’s awareness can shift you into health and wellness quickly.

What else could be possible for you and your body if you choose to receive and embody your intuition and awareness?